Chemical Ventilation Systems & Fume Scrubbers

Ventilation Systems include vertical/updraft and lateral/downdraft Hood Systems with, or without, Push-Air Capability; engineered Ductwork and Connections; chemically resistant Centrifugal Exhaust Fans and Chemical Fume Scrubbers including Chrome Removal Systems with Mist Eliminators.

All of our Ventilation Systems are custom engineered to provide our clients with the best in ventilation equipment. We work diligently to make certain that our Ventilation Systems meet all of their design criteria and that our clients receive the most efficient, structurally sound, chemically resistant and well-balanced system possible.

Fume Scrubbers have become an integral part of the manufacturing industry today. As concerns about air pollution grow, regulatory agencies have become stricter about what is and what is not allowed to be discharged into the air.


Our Fume Scrubbers offer to our clients the assurance of clean air at the point of discharge and compliance with local, state and federal regulations. As with all of Automate-Tech’s equipment, we offer the capability to adapt our fume scrubbers to any application set forth by our customers.

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